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Here at Air Kiribati all are very busy trying and looking in one way or another to find ways to make our customers happy and satisfied with all the services we provide.

Publishing this WEB site is one of the ways we think you find it easy to know where and how to find us, what our services are and many more.

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General Information

Air Kiribati, the only airline of the Republic of Kiribati is established
on 01st April 1995 after the former airline known as Air Tungaru Ltd been
demolished.The Government owned national flag carrier.Its has a fleet of
two aircraft's comprises of 1 Harpin, Chinese Y12 aircraft and 1 casa C212-200
from Spain.

Despite being the only airline Air Kiribati to it's very best through it's
dedicated and friendly staff main objectives focused on customer satisfaction.
Prioviding a fast, economical and reliable service is also a concern. However
above all safety is the prime condition we care for from the beginning of every
day's work to the end of it. It does not enjoy a monopoly situation. We are committed
to the satisfaction of every customer's request.

Air Kiribati operates only domestic flight frequently to all the Kiribati islands
except to the Line and Phoniex Islands. It's files Monday to Sunday.

Beside normal flight Air Kiribati provides Charters, Medical Evacuation(Medievac)
and search and Rescue (SAR). Flight diversions can also be arranged when required.
Medievac and SAR are always considered priority to save lives of people.

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All enquiry's are to be addressed to Chief Executive Officer Air Kiribati Ltd

Please use the list of contact provided hereunder for more assitance.

Contacts Information:

PHONE Betio Office: 26398 Bairiki Office: 21550,21188,21549 Administration: 28025,28027,28088
Traffic: 28557 Air cargo: 28249 Engineering: 28557

FAX Bonriki Office: 28216

POSTAL ADDRESS P.O.Box 274,Bonriki, Tarawa

EMAIL ADDRESS Airkiribati.admin@tskl.net.ki

OPENING HOURS Mon to Fri: 8.00am-12.30pm then 1.30pm- 4.15pm

Our reservation office in Betio, Bairiki and Bonriki also work but only for half days on saturdays
and sunday starting 8.00am- 1.30pm. Our Traffic and Engineering Divisions work seven days a week and
from 6.00am to late in the afternoons at approximately 6.00pm.

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In Tarawa,booking can be made with all our agencies in Betio and Bairiki and at our main office in Bonriki.
All bookings can be made over the phone or by visiting our offices aforesaid. At outer islands bookings are
to be made through our agents only.

Tickets must be bought not later than three days before flights.

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Reconfirmation Details

Passengers are required to confirm their travelling three days prior to the departure time, however they still
can be accepted not later than 10:00am on the day before their travelling.A replacement by those on reserve will be arranged
immediately once confirmations were not made.

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Surcharges for no shows.

If it becomes neccesary for a confirmed passenger to withdrawa or not flying, please notify our Bairiki Reservation office
no later than three working days before their dapartng time so passengers on standby status can be contacted and told to
replace or fill in your seat. We ask for your cooperation so that we may better serve all our valued customers-just like you.

Passengers who do not comply with this will be charged half the price, 50%, of their normal fare. They will not be allowed to
join in any flight unless this penalty has been paid for.

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Special fare


Air Kiribati has at this time only one special pricing on it's fare styled YE14. The YE14 is a special fare covering travelling of two weeks only. Travelling passengers should stay on their outer island destinations or on tarawa no longer than 14 days and no less than 7 days.

Other conditions of travelling on the YE14 are as follows.

1. Applicable to all passengers travelling privately- not on governmental or business duties to and from Tarawa.
2. Appropriate to those passengers whose flight are all confirmed on both ways, out of Tarawa and into Tarawa.Passengers whose travelling was only confirmed for one way only will not be considered.
3. Tickets are to be purchased no later than three days prior to travelling time. Those who came late will be disqualified and has to pay for the normal fare.
4. Confirmation is required 3 days before you travel, not 2 days or 1 day.Failure to confirm will result in a transfer of your seat to those in reserve.
5. Passengers shoul travel according to the dates specified on their tickets.
6. A refund is not allowed if one portion of the ticket has been put to use.
7. A special fare can not be applied twice to one ticket, thus students or whoever previously been granted a 25% or whatever rate off the normal fare will not be issued this YE14.
8. YE14 passengers are limited to only 3 persons per flight.

There is also another but not yet established and that is a group travel discount. However this can be granted upon application of at least 10 passengers
for a group or whatever the figure Management of Air Kiribati or its Board of Directors may agreed on.

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