Thank you for considering Kiribati for your holiday or adventure.

We look forward to welcoming you and hope you will enjoy being with us. We hope you will appreciate the values we consider important, family, hospitality, peace and tranquility, time of conversation and sharing, and time to relax. We put these values ahead, of television (we have none), work, we do work but we have not become slaves to it, and the pressures of modern life. We are proud of our country, it is peaceful, quiet, and safe. Do come and share our experiences. The Kiribati Visitor's website is intended to provide prospective visitors, travel agents, and tour operators with all the basic information they need to plan a visit to for individuals or groups. If you need help either before you come or while in Kiribati please contact us at:






Kiribati Visitor's Bureau Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism
P.O. Box 510, Betio, Tarawa
Tel: (686) 26157/26158
Fax: (686) 26233