BUARIKI HIEDEAWAY GUEST HOUSE:  at Buariki is the ideal choice for someone wanting to see traditional lifestyle in Kiribati but has not time to go to outer Islands. The resort has 4 small double Guesthouses and one larger Guesthouse over the lagoon. Activities offered are Snorkelling, Fun Water sports, exploring and village tours. Scuba Diving can be arranged with Mauri Paradise Resort.
Buariki Guest House / Box 85 / Bairiki / Tarawa / Kiribati
Phone Office : +686 26250 / Phone Guests: +686 30222 / 
e-mail: buariki@tskl.net.ki

Sorry, We have 

closed !

REST HOUSE:  Outer Islands: Numerous rest houses can be found on the majority of other islands.  Although they may not be of international standard, they do present an interesting opportunity to experience life on the outer island without modern conveniences.  Facilities are basic and it is advisable to radio ahead announcing your arrival date.  This may be done in Tarawa through the Kiribati Visitors Bureau office at Betio.  Tariff is around $30.00 per night.

MAURI PARADISE:   is a resort situated at Buariki village in North Tarawa just a few yards from the edge of a very peaceful lagoon.   There is no electricity in this part of the island.   Facilities include: one diving boat (about 15 pax), a set of scuba diving equipment (4 pax), and traditional sleeping accommodations.  Besides the dive tours, the resort also offers traditional activities such as fishing and the taste of local cigarettes and alcohol.  The resort is about one and a half hours by boat from the main towns of South Tarawa.
Mauri Paradise
PO Box 26, Bairiki, Tarawa.  Republic of Kiribati
Tel: (686) 21646 Fax: (686) 21 646
email: mp@tskl.net.ki 

NIKUAO HOTEL:  is located on a white sandy beach just a few feet from the waters edge on the nearby island of Abaiang.  It is about three hours by boat from Tarawa or 10 minutes flight by Air Kiribati.   Facilities include one bungalow-type house with a toilet and bathroom: nine rooms with shared toilets and bathrooms, a large dining room and kitchen.  Tariff is $30.00 per night for both double and single.
Abaiang Island Council
Tabontebike, Abaiang, Republic of Kiribati
Tel: (686) 27 102 Fax: (686) 26 233

PEARL SHELL GUEST HOUSE: located at Butaritari. A local style, authentic island escape in the lush surroundings of the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Tariff is $25 per person per night, full board.
Call Tematoro on (+686) 21185 (work) or (+686) 21597 (home)


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