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Buariki is the north end of Tarawa. There is no road connecting South-tarawa and North-Tarawa. Alltough, it is possible to cross the channels by low tide with Bicycle, Motor bike or car.



Best time to start walking is about 1 Hour before full lowtide (Tide table). The walk begins at the end of the Road at Buota and you will have to cross the first passage to Abatao right there. The channel is one of the deepest channels and you have to wade trough knee deep water for a couple of meters. After that, you walk trough the Village of Abatao and Tabiteuea. The next few miles are small villages and channels which you pass by full lowtide.
Next, you will reach Marenanuka were the road of north Tarawa starts. From there, there are no more channels to cross as there are causeways all the way up to Buariki. Soon after, you will reach Abaokoro which is the main Village of North Tarawa where the Government station is located. Abakoro also has a rest house where you may able to get something to drink. A car is driving up to Buariki on a un regular base and you may want to ask the council if and when the car is going up in case you want to get a ride up. (We also could arrange that our bicycles are waiting there for you...)
If you go ahead, you get to the largest village at Taborio and Notoue were the catholic school is located. A couple villages more and you reach Buariki. It takes about 6-7 hours to walk up there. Be aware that you will walk some parts at full exposure of the Sun and take precausion.



Bicycling up to Buariki is hard work. You often have to cycle in sandy parts, against wind with the sunn glazing down at you. Please do not undertake that journy if you are not in top condition. We do have Bicycles in Buariki and you can use them any time for a journy from Buariki right down to Marenanuka where there is a perfect gravel road.
If you are in top condition and used to cycle longer distances, you will have great fun. Make sure you take enough to drink with you and check out our MAP which display where the best way is to pass the channels.


Local Canoe

Canoe.jpg (3116 bytes) There is a outrigger canoe going to Buariki on Monday and Wednesday at 15.00 from the wharf at Betio and on Friday at 15.00 from the wharf at Bairiki. The ride takes about 2-3 hours and cost A$ 2.50. (Extra luggage is charged additionaly)
You will sit on that canoe on full exposure to the sun. Please make sure to have a hat and suncreme ready. I use to have two yards of white clothes with me to hide from the sun...
A raincoat also advisable as you are likely to get wet from either waves or rain. The canoe has a closed cargo hole where you can place your luggage. We will arrange someone to meet you in Buariki to bring you to the guest house.


Hoby Cat

If you like sailing and have experience on a hoby cat, you can hire one from Kiribati Interisland Sea Charters. Will will provide you with a handheld radio to stay in touch with us.


Guest House Canoe

wpe1.jpg (4484 bytes) The safest and most comfortable way is our Canoe. We can pick you up at the Airport and bring you back there again.
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