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Destination Buariki

Buariki is the last Village of north Tarawa. It is easy accesible and just like any villages on the outer islands. Buariki is the perfect destination if you do not have enough time to travel to outer islands but like to see Kiribati in its traditional ways.


Guest houses

wpe2.jpg (3936 bytes) Small guest house

At the moment, we have four small guest houses. Each house has light and a 220V outlet. The houses are built in traditional stile with local material. There is a shared bath room for all houses.

wpe1.jpg (4525 bytes) Beach house

This guest house is built above water on the beach. It has its own veranda.


Restaurant & Baar

wpe3.jpg (4409 bytes) This house serves as a restaurant and has a little bar.



wpe5.jpg (4842 bytes) Other facilities are BBQ house (picture), shared kitchen, Office with telephone, Bath house with Shower)



wpe5.jpg (5642 bytes) Nei Tiera...  Is looking after you and
wpe4.jpg (7414 bytes) Tio... Makes sure that you will have a wounderful time. He looks after the guest house and takes you around.



  Cooking is mostly european stile and sometimes adapted to local environment. If you let us know of your preferences, we can plan acordingly.

The Guest house has its own specialities:
Buariki Tuna salad:  Raw tuna fish with onions on a spicy salad sauce. Served with crusty bread.
Tuna Tartar: Raw tuna fish minced together with hot spices. The Tuna Tartar is spread on a fresh garlic bread.
Buariki Schnitzel: Tuna steak in Breadcrumbs. Served with Potatoe chips and veges.

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