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Village tour

wpe3.jpg (4944 bytes) Walk or cycle to Buariki or any of the next Villages. Bycicles are for hire at the Guest House.



TExplor1.jpg (7549 bytes) Buariki has lots of Babai pits located in the middle of the island and small paths are leading trough it. The Ozean Side has some nice beaches and bays perfect to do some beach combing.



TCausew.jpg (4327 bytes) Have a refreshing swimm at the Causeway (20min walk from the guest house) or inside the Reef.



snorkel.jpg (4046 bytes) Buariki has some very nice places on the reef with a wide variety of Fish. There are also beautiful places inside the reef for beginners on non-swimmers to snorkel in waist deep water. If you like to go scuba diving, check out Mauri Paradise Resort which is located in the Village of Buariki itselfe. Interesting also is snorkeling at Abajang.



If you like to go for a surf on a wave, Naa is one of the best places in Tarawa. You will have to bring your own surfer.



wpe1.jpg (3676 bytes) You can either hire a hoby cat from Kiribati Interisland Sea Charters or try out one of the local fishing canoes. Our Guest House also has a little learning sail boat for kids.



wpe4.jpg (3160 bytes) Our Beach House offers a quit place for relaxing, reading a book or have a nap. Alternatively, some of the Ozean beaches are just waiting for you.



wpe3.jpg (6424 bytes) You can go with a local guide to fish with a net. Fish with a rod off the reef. Trolling for small reef fishes, bottom fishing, fly - fishing or game fishing is all available and will provide you with some good fun.
Or why not going after Lobster, Crabs, Sand worms and shells ?



Water sports (Fun)

Watsport.jpg (3815 bytes) Let our little speed boat tow you round with a Inflatable tube. (On full high tide only)



Boat trips

wpe2.jpg (3616 bytes) Abajang main Island
Abajang, the next Island to the north of Tarawa offers a interseting scenery. It is only a 30-40minutes trip from our Guest House.

Abajang Islet
A bit further from the mainland is a nice little Islet which is ideal for a picnic and some snorkeling or even an adventerous stay over night.




wpe5.jpg (4651 bytes) Want some beer fun ?  Visit the local baar at Buariki and try some of the local beer. Or simply turn on our stereo at the beach house and Dance.



Local Skils

wpe6.jpg (4780 bytes) Why not learn how to find "te koikoi" a shell burrowed in the sand flats or learn some handicraft skills like weaving mats, cutting toddy, brew sour toddy and many more.


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