Kiritour's aim is to provide peoples overseas information about the Country and to assist local entrepeneurs in advertising their Businesses on the Internet.





Behind the scene ...



My Father (Hanspeter Strub) at the right and me (Mike Strub) on the left while doing the PADI scuba course with Mauri Paradise (First Dive !  explains scared smile.). My Father registered www.kiritours.com and put up the Hampis Homepage site. There are many photos of Kiribati and also the MS flight simulator scenery for Kiribati.

I have put up the "All about Kiribati Site" and try to keep the site up to date as much as my free time allows me. See my Homepage



The Listing:

The entry in the listing is free of charge. It however only provides Name. Address and contact details. If you published more information on a WEB page. A sign URL will link to it.


  Short Info:

If you only want to submit a few information about the nature of the business, you might like to add the Short Info which is a neutral designed page without graphics describing your business.

Cost for the Short Info page is A$ 30.00 per year


Advertisement Banner:

This is a animated advertisement banner on the index pages.

Cost for the banner is A$ 200.00 per year


  Home page:

This is a one page advertisement including graphics and links.

Cost for a Home Page is A$ 100.00 per year plus cost of design. (Ask for quotation on the design)

Home pages consiting of multiple pages are charged at A$ 100.00 plus A$ 5.00 for each additional page.






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