Outer Island Tours

The unspoiled outer islands enable visitors to see the real Kiribati way of life and culture.
Butaritari, the greenest island was famous for the traditional art of binekua, the calling of the whales by Kuma villagers.
Abemama (Island of Moon) was the home of Robert Louis Stevenson before Apia in Samoa.
Air Kiribati provides regular flights to all outer islands, where accommodation is available in rest houses and homestay.


Aquatic Recreation

Scuba Diving, snorkeling, Camping, Reef trek, Sailing and fishing.
The Gilbertese sailing canoe was regarded as the fastest traditional sailing canoe in the world. Enjoy the experience of an outrigger ride.
There are many safe and excellent snorkeling and swimming spots in Kiribati.


A Blast from the past

Visiting World War II Relics.
On the islet of Betio, Butaritari and Abemama are historic remnants of World War II.
War veterans and families make memorial visits to the sites.
The recovery and repatriation of US war corpses are continuing.