There are two newsletters in Kiribati. The Kiribati Newstar, a private owned paper with little english content. And the uekera, the government run paper. 

There are also two radio broadcasting stations. Newair, a private owned FM station was set up in 1997. Newair is not yet operating as its License is still pending.
Radio Kiribati, broadcasting on AM is relaying regularly Australian and BBC news.


A private owned weekly newsletter. Cost is A$ 0.60 per issue.

Kiribati Newstar Ltd.
P.O. Box 10

Phone 21652 / Fax 21671

e-mail :


The government owned weekly newsletter. Cost per issue is A$ 0.60

Broadcasting and Publications Authority
Te Uekera Printing Services
P.O. Box 78, Bairiki, Tarawa

Phone: 21162 / Fax: 21096