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Kiri Seafoods Tuna snacks and Surf Jerky brand Tuna Jerky, combines the protein packed freshness of tuna caught in the water surrounding the exotic islands of Kiribati to create this gourmet quality snack food.  Our products are made of only natural ingredients and its low fat nature is attractive for the modern day consumer.

Setting sail over 2000 years ago waves of migrating adventurers colonised virtually every habitable island in the Pacific.  Crossing vast uncharted stretches of ocean in canoes required a compact food source that was nutritious, yet hardy enough for long treks.  Dried fish was ideal for that purpose and remains a stable in the Pacific islands to this day.

You have to try it!  to truly appreciate how good it is.

Page updated 23th February 1999




Plain,a mild savory flavour.

Pepper, a spicy pepper flavour.

Chilli, a tangy oriental style chilli flavour.

The fish is then placed on racks and dried in the latest designed heat
pump drier for up to four hours .The resulting translucent strips come
in three delicious flavours .

Dried to below 25 percent moisture content to give a water activity
below 0.8 Guarentees safe storage of product.

The finished product is sealed in high gas barrier pouches with an
oxygen scavenger which provides a shelf life of eight months without

Strict hygiene standards are
maintained in the factory to
international standards.

This product is being exported to
Australia, Korea, U.S.A. and Japan.

Prices in AUD$ C & F  Pacific area.
Pack Size     under 50kg  Over 50kg  Over 250kg  Over 1000kg

15 gram            $0.75            $0.70            $0.65            

28 gram            $1.30            $1.25            $1.20            

50 gram            $2.30            $2.20            $2.10            

Dont forget your cat.

We utilize the tuna offcuts and produce an all cat favourite.

prices start at $0.65
for a 25gram pack.

We are happy to supply any size order, for any of our products,please
contact us for delivery details.
For airmail orders the following Kiribati postage rates apply.

             Pacific Aust/Asia USA/Euro
20gram--100g  $1.00    $1.20     $1.60
100gram-250g  $2.00    $2.30     $2.30
250gram-500g  $3.80    $4.40     $6.30
500gram-1kg   $6.50    $7.60     $10.80
1kg--2kg      $10.60   $12.30    $17.50


Teikabuti fishing co ltd po box 241 Bikenibeu Tarawa  Kiribati
ph/fax 686 28186 email


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