Education Support Service

ESS is a business specialising in the acquisition and sale of books for schools and books relating to Kiribati.
Books for schools include primary and secondary readers, and text books meeting syllabus demands up to Seventh Form (Year 14).

Publishers in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and United Kingdom are the principal providers. ESS has trade relations with all major publishing houses.

Purchase orders from Government and Church School administrations are accepted. All other sales are on a cash basis.
The ESS office is located at Temaiku, Tarawa, about two hundred meters past the Chinese Satellite Tracking Station, on the ocean side of the road, and about fifty meters past the "doubled headed" coconut tree.
For all enquiries contact Moarerei.
Education Support Service
P.O. Box 250, Bikenibeu, Tarawa
Telephone: (686) 28219
{business hours}
Telephone: (686) 28588
{after hours}
Fax: (686) 28219

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