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Trade Contacts

Ministry for Commerce Ministry for Labour Commerce


Freight Information's

Shipping from Australia

The xx is travelling from Brisbane via Sidney to Tarawa every 6 Weeks. Agent is the Kiribati Shipping coorperation:


Shipping from Japan

The xx


Banking Information's

The Bank of Kiribati a Jointveture between the Government of Kiribati and Westpac is the only bank in Kiribati.

Bank of Kiribati


Foreign Investment

Kiribati welcome's foreign Investors. Contact:

Foreign Investment commission



Duty / Customs

Duty is high in Kiribati as it is partly a substitute for Tax and a important revenue. Contact:

Customs and ...

Complete listing of Duty rates online / Download Excel Spreadsheet / Forms


Forms to download

27A Form foreign Exporter's have to send to the Importer
  Import form for Duty declaration
  Application for Foreign Investment
  Quarterly Report for Foreign Investment


How to ?

Export to Kiribati  
Import from Kiribati  
Export from Kiribati  
Import from Kiribati  


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